Why Make Your Own Water ?

Why it make sense to generate your own water without depending upon external resource like municipal and other private companies

Contaminated Water

Most rivers, lakes and surface water in India are polluted. There is hardly any safe drinking water to drink. There is a large amount of toxins, like lead bacteria, protozoa present in water which are very dangerous for your health.

Water Borne Diseases

Contaminated water can harm your body severely. An estimated 580 people in India die because of illness caused due to drinking contaminated water. The most common water born diseases are Typhoid fever, Diarrhea, Cholera, etc

Water Crisis

Shortage of water supply is a crisis which almost 70% of the population in India is facing from many years. The water table has gone down significantly in past 2 decades.

Freedom from Municipal Corporation

One always has to depend on Municipal Corporation or Private Companies to even have water for drinking. The water supply in India is very poor and this problem is only going to become bigger with coming time.

Global Warming

Due to increasing Global warming heat on earth is increasing and has caused a great increase in sea level but the amount of drinking water is shrinking.

Water Bills

Take control of bills in your hand, no more restrictions and high usage fines. Make your own clean and cheap water.

Atmospheric Water Generator is Solution to your Clean Drinking Water Problems

Benefits of Making your own Water with Atmospheric Water Generator

We want our customers to save not only on money but on space without compromising on various benefits.

Healthy Living

Give your love ones a gift of purity, make your own pure water. Save your family from the diseased caused due to contaminated water.

Sustainable Living

Healthy for your life and your pocket. Drought and famine will not affect your life anymore. No need to depend on government for your water supply.

Tension Less Living

Now you do need to wake up early to fill water. Water supply is closed- you don’t worry you have your own water maker.

Easy and Quick

It is an easy to use, space efficient, clean and minimally designed device, you can make your water just by switching on a button.

Enviroment Friendly

It makes water from the humidity in atmosphere thus it is a dehumidifier, providing you a cool and less humid atmosphere.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to care design and maintenance free with simple “slide out and rinse” air filter and bottom water storage.

Want to know more about Atmospheric Water Generator ?

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Emerging Water Crises in News

Headlines that lead us to innovate and come out with a product like Atmospheric Water Generator