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Frequently asked questions

A home based machine that condenses humidity in the atmosphere into clean drinking water.

Yes, this product has been tested in various geographical locations in India and also in various laboratories.

It has air filtration system which purifies the air sucked in also there is an additional filter which adds minerals to water for drinking purpose.

It can store up to 2 L. However there is a pipe outlet which enables you to have a continuous water supply.

The cost of Atmospheric Water Generator is Rs 16000

It is a very durable product can last easily up to life of a refrigerator

No, the water filter needs only min 35%RH to work which is available at every geographical location in the country.

Please see average humidity chart of that area by month and then correlate to water generated chart by humidity.

It is a very low maintenance device, you will need to change the filter only twice a year.

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